Davidshapiro.net invites you to parties, events & vacations

Davidshapiro.net invites you to parties, events & vacations.

Jew Year’s Eve & Hamptons Reunion

Thursday, September 13th
30 West 52nd Street
(between 5th & 6th; above Bombay Palace)
7 PM to 11 PM

You may have 2 questions about the event title.
Please allow me to explain…

Jew Year’s Eve” is not a typo as one of my friends thought when he saw it on my website. We are in fact doing a very cheesy play on words to describe a party that celebrates the Jewish new year. Yes, I know it’s bad, but it probably got your attention. Right?

Your second question might be: “What does a Jewish new year party have to do with the Hamptons?” The simple answer is: nothing.

After Labor Day, I always throw a party with all the members of HurryDate® and JDate® to celebrate the new year. I also host an annual post-summer reunion party for all my friends from the Hamptons. When I was able to secure the spacious 2 room K-Lounge private for next Thursday, I figured why not bring more people together and combine the 2 occasions.
Makes sense? Or am I just crazy? 🙂

It’s also possible that you may have a 3rd question: “Is this only for Jewish Singles?” Answer: NO! As our first big event after the summer season in the Hamptons, we look forward to catching up with ALL our friends. 

Everyone is welcome to celebrate the New Year with us!


• Members of DavidShapiro.net, JDate & HurryDate attending •

• Guests in their 20s, 30s & early 40s •

• Main room is primarily for Jewish Singles •

• Back lounge is reserved for friends from our Hamptons House * •

• 2-for-1 drinks from 7 PM to 9 PM •

• Complimentary appetizers 

• Trendy and fashionable attire required 

• $15 in advance from

• $20 at the door with RSVP at 

* The back VIP Lounge will be reserved for guests who visited us this summer in the Hamptons or are joining our group trip to Club Getaway on Sept 28 – 30. Email or call me directly at 212-579-4844 to get on this list and to receive your complimentary tickets.

75 DavidShapiro.net members
more upscale young professionals in their
20s, 30s, and 40s from across the Northeast
days of sports and activities
nights of parties
90 short minutes from NYC

all-inclusive group rate that is too
low for us to advertise


The most fun you can possibly have
in a weekend!

The above equation is a good summary, but some people still ask me, “What is Club Getaway?

Very simply, it’s an all-inclusive lakeside resort in Kent, CT. Kent is in the heart of the Berkshire Mountains. Club Getaway is all inclusive, 100s of sports & activities to pick from, great meals, nightly entertainment & parties, very social, lots of fun and there is really nothing else quite like it…anywhere! 

Spaces for our annual group trip to Club Getaway
are selling out quickly, so if you’re interested in
joining us September 28th – 30th, call us today at 212-579-4844

You can also join us this weekend, Sept 7th – 9th at Club Getaway if you can’t wait until the end of September to get out of the city!

Please note, you have to call us to see if you are eligible for our preferred group rates on the Sept 7th and Sept 28th weekends.

See you next Thursday at K-Lounge and look forward to speaking you about joining us at Club Getaway this weekend or on September 28th.

Talk to you soon!

Your friend,
David Shapiro

davidshapiro.net, Inc.
500 East 85th Street
New York, NY 10028

What is DavidShapiro.net?

DavidShapiro.net is the leading social and professional networking company in
the New York City area, with over 250,000 members and ten years of
experience hosting events and vacations for upscale professionals.

Our social events are geared towards trendy partygoers in their 20s and 30s who
know how to enjoy everything Manhattan nightlife has to offer, while our
business events are geared towards successful professionals
looking to expand their networks.

Our vacations cater to professionals in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who want to kick
back, relax, and have a great time away from their busy lives.

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