I haven’t posted anything in almost 24

I haven’t posted anything in almost 24 hours on Facebook. So, in case you were concerned, I am okay 🙂

As you know, we have one of our final Hamptons Happy Hours on Thursday at Sidebar with a Cinco De Mayo theme. http://davidshapiro.net/events/sidebarmay2. Please RSVP on the website or by phone.

We’re finalizing our list of house sponsors. If you represent or own a company that would like to donate products or services to our house, we will reciprocate with extensive promotions about your company. And, of course, all our house guests will have a chance to sample your food, drink, service or whatever else you think would be of interest to our affluent NYC-based clientele. Call me at 212-579-4844 to discuss.

On Friday, I am heading out East to check on the progress of the house preparations. The pool and hot tub have been opened and the house is being prepped for the season. If you want to join us on 1 of the pre-season weekends of May 10th or May 17th for some fun in the Hamptons before it gets really busy, let me know.

Talk to you all soon, see you Thursday and getting VERY excited for another great season in the Hamptons!!!


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