I’ve posted about “Fair Weather Friend

I’ve posted about “Fair Weather Friends” when everyone wanted to come to the Hamptons last weekend because of a perfect weather forecast. This weekend it’s a little different…

The weather forecast is slowly but surely getting better and better. As of now, all the rain will hit Friday night and by the time we wake up Saturday morning, the sun will be out….the phones are starting to ring with “Hey Dave. Good friend. Buddy. Pal. How are you?” I know what they want. But I wait to hear their excuse for a last minute request for this weekend first…make ’em sweat. It’s only fair 🙂

So, if we’re “Friends” now because this weekend will be mostly sunny, give me a call at 917-806-4171 or 917-334-0733. Please have a good story ready (for my amusement) as to why you waited until Thursday 🙂 I will then do my best to find accommodations for  you to enjoy another amazing weekend in the Hamptons!

FYI…pool heater is on with a water temperature of 83 degrees, the hot tub is holding steady at 104 and our newly added fire pit to our outdoor lounge will be burning till dawn.

Talk to you soon,
Always your friend – even if you only call about sunny weekends 😉



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