Happy Halloween from davidshapiro.net

Happy Halloween from davidshapiro.net & LetMyPeopleGo.com

Jeff Strank, the owner and founder of LetMyPeopleGo.com (LMPG), and I have been friends for a long time now. Over the years, we have helped each other out a bit, recommended each other’s events here and there, but this is the first time we’re really throwing a party together!

It could be dangerous…even a little scary 🙂 Imagine Jason and Freddy teaming up to throw the first ever (as far as I know) Jewish Singles* Halloween Party in NYC. Who knows what could happen!

But, wait you’ve yet to hear the best part. The name of this first time special holiday event is Challahween. Okay. We can all admit it’s cheesy. Jeff came up with this never-before-seen play on words. While initially I was little skeptical, the name is kinda growing on me. It may soon become a household word. Or, at the very least, a word that will haunt your mind by day and plague your dreams at night! You’ll wonder what the h-ll was Jeff thinking when he mushed together a bread and a holiday into a new party name that will carry on for years to come 🙂

* Please note while this event is for our Jewish single friends, all our other events and vacations are open to everyone.

Challahween 2013, the dawn of a new Challaday tradition, is the all-night Jewish Singles costume party, held at the Empire Penthouse at 230 Fifth, high above an unsuspecting city, where the bread is undead, the manna’s from hell, and ghosts and goblins are the yeast of your problems!

This is a costume party and costumes are greatly encouraged (but not required) and we’ll have prizes for the best!

Saturday, October 26
The Penthouse Lounge at 230 Fifth
230 Fifth Avenue (corner of 27th Street)
9pm to 2am

Treats will include:

► $6 beer, $7 wine & $9 cocktails (9 pm – 10:30 pm)

► Exclusive use of the Empire Penthouse at 230 Fifth with its dramatic views of the city

► Enough holiday candy to have your brother-in-law, the dentist, working overtime.

► Great music and dancing

► Hundreds of new Jewish Singles to meet. (This event is specifically for our Jewish single friends in their 20s, 30s and 40s. However, other davidshapiro.net events and vacations are open to everyone.)

► $20 in Advance at: Purchase Your Tickets Here
► $25 at the door with RSVP at http://davidshapiro.net/events/challahween2013
► $30 at door without RSVP

Your g(hosts)
David and Jeff

P.S. The bad puns in this email are from Jeff and the terrible jokes are all mine. Like I said, we’re a pretty scary team 🙂


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