I hate Mondays! I always try to get people to call me during the weekend when the phones are not as busy, but NOOOO everyone has to wait until Monday to take care of ‘business’! If I rushed you off the phone today, don’t take it personally and I am very excited that so many friends joined our 2 ski trips!!

Please note the prices will continue to go up as we book up all our rooms at the Mount Snow-owned Hotel, the Snow Lake Lodge. Also, we’re down to our last few Single rooms. But, don’t worry, we can match you up with roommates in our Double, Triple and Quads.

If you want to still join us, please contact me as soon as possible before the next price increase. You know you want to come skiing (or partying) with us for at least 1 weekend, so why wait 🙂

I can be reached at 212-579-4844. My hours are 11am to 3am (that’s not a typo) 7 days a week. I work a lot, I guess, because I do like my job

Talk to you soon,

Talk to you soon and hope you can come with us.


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