Prices for both ski weekends are going u

Prices for both ski weekends are going up on Monday. Lucky for you (and unlucky for me), I am working today and tomorrow 🙂 Give me a call at 212-579-4844 if you want to join either the Jan 24th or Feb 21st group trips to Mount Snow.

120 of us will be taking over the Snow Lake Lodge (a Mount Snow-owned hotel property) for each weekend. We’ve outgrown houses and moved up in the world to hotels! Unless you know of a house with a 120 beds, that’s the direction we’re taking all of our vacations 🙂

Club Getaway’s team of hosts and members of their extensive social network will be joining us as well to create an even more exciting weekend!

Whether you ski, snow board or keep an eye on the fireplace while drinking hot chocolate (spiked with Bailey’s, of course), you will have a fun weekend.

We will be leaving each Friday at 5:30pm from NYC on our full-stocked party bus to make a quick getaway to Vermont! Bus will return you to New York on Sunday evening with enough time to unwind and be ready for work on Monday.

Hope you can join us for 1 or both weekends.

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