BREAKING NEWS! After over 2 months of sh

BREAKING NEWS! After over 2 months of shopping and scouting venues, negotiating contracts and weighing the pros and cons of all the options in NYC, we made a decision!

We booked the 2nd Floor Lounge at Culture Club 100% private just for 250 of our nearest and dearest friends! You’ll have full access to the multi-color Rubix Kube-like first floor dance floor as well. For a nominal upgrade you can also wander into the ultra exclusive Nirvana Room on the 3rd floor.

Here’s my thinking regarding this important decision:

► I wanted something a little different and the 80s/90s theme and decor of Culture DEFINITELY has that!
► We wanted to be centrally located but far enough from the madness of Time Square. Culture Club is on 39th btw 5th and 6th. That’s perfect. Right?
► We wanted to party and celebrate without it being out of control so we booked our own floor private. Culture Club has 3 levels in total and we took the one in the middle for convenience. So you have best of both worlds: a small party of our own friends mixed in with a much larger party of new people to meet!
► We wanted good service. We have our own bar and wait staff dedicated just to our floor!
► We wanted our friends to still have some money left to use in 2014 and not spend it all on an overpriced NYE ticket! Tickets start at just $65 for 5 hours of premium open bar! Yes, all the good stuff is included!! They even have Monster (my own favorite) if you need some extra energy to keep on celebrating.

The prices will go up, of course, but $65 is definitely a good starting point. Get your tickets here:

Also, for the first time, we’re partnering with Joonbug. Joonbug hosts more New Year’s Eve party nationwide than any other company. So we leveraged their massive buying power (they have over 80 NYE spots in NYC alone) to get this amazing package and combined it with our expertise in personally hosting 1 New Year’s Eve party perfectly!

Call me at 212-579-4844 if you have any questions. As I mentioned, I will be personally hosting this event and the lovely Susan Azizo will be at my side

If you have any questions about what to wear for NYE, she’s your dedicated fashion consultant. You can wear 80s attire, 90s stuff or your normal going-out-for-a-nice-event outfit. If you want creative ideas or to run something by Susan, feel free to message her on Facebook. She’s a fashion designer, tells me what to wear and is really good at having fun with all this stuff. Guys, you can keep it simple or feel free to talk to Susan if you want to try something different.

Also, we will have 2 different DJs playing so it will be a mix of 80s, 90s and more modern genres. Everyone loves 80s but we plan to mix it up throughout the night to keep it interesting!

Talk to you soon and hope you can join us for our first New Year’s Eve at Culture Club!

If you’d like to get involved in any way to help make this party even better, please contact me at any time with any ideas. Let’s all work together to bring in the new year in style!



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