Celebrate New Year’s Eve Culture Club 2014 and then continuing Celebrating with us during our Ski Weekends at Mount Snow

ImageMerry Christmas, here is our gift to you!

With purchase of New Year’s Eve ticket at Culture Club (davidshapiro.net/events/newyears2014), you’ll receive a $25 credit towards any new booking for Winterfest 2014 – Our 2 big ski trips on Jan 24th and Feb 21st to Mount Snow (davidshapiro.net/events/winterfest2014). 


Yes. I know. It’s shocking! I am talking about NYE and skiing 🙂

As promised in my last email (if you read it), I will summarize the important updates up-front and let you read on for more details should you choose.

Without further ado…
NYE @ Culture Club Highlights:

►Good value at $65 for 5 hour premium open bar. You can’t Beat It (80s pun intended). 

► Also, really convenient location on 39th btw 5th and 6th. 

► We set it up as a party within a party! We have a private party of 250 of our friends on the 2nd floor with access to other floors. 

► Denise Fennell, co-creator of Totally Tubular Time Machine & Birdy’s Bachelorette Party, will be personally overseeing the production of our event. As we speak, she’s customizing the decor, optimizing the lighting systems, adding the special effects and putting together all the key ingredients for a truly awesome 80s-themed New Year’s eve celebration!!

► While Culture Club is an 80s-themed space, you can dress however you want to ring in the New Year. Also, we will be playing plenty of 80s music but we will not forget to mix in current genres of music.

► For just a bit longer, we’re holding the New Year’s Eve ticket prices at $65. Please get them as soon as possible and join us for a very special New Year’s Eve event.   

Get your tickets here: http://newyears2014.davidshapiro.net.  

Winterfest 2014 @ Mount Snow Updates

► Now, with purchase of New Year’s Eve ticket at Culture Club, you’ll receive a $25 credit towards any new booking for Winterfest 2014 – Our 2 big ski trips on Jan 24th and Feb 21st to Mount Snow (davidshapiro.net/events/winterfest2014).  

► The January 24th weekend trip is almost sold out with just 3 rooms left. 

► February 21st has a little more space but some room categories are already sold out. 

► 50 Rooms per weekend seemed like a lot when we planned the whole trip. We’re actually a little surprised ourselves how fast both trips filled up!

Please call 212-579-4844 or email david@davidshapiro.net for latest prices and availability. We will have over 120 guests staying with us on each of this weekend. Definitely our 2 biggest ski trips ever! That’s the advantage of taking over a hotel instead of renting a house 🙂
Call 212-579-4844 or email david@davidshapiro.net for more info about NYE or the ski trips.
Looking forward to celebrating New Year’s Eve with you and to lots of exciting adventures ahead!!

Talk to you soon.
David Shapiro
davidshapiro.net, Inc.

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