Hope everyone is having a great holiday

Hope everyone is having a great holiday week and not working too hard (or maybe not at all). Christmas has passed and now begins the mad rush for making New Year’s Eve plans. Many of you already bought tickets for our party and were rewarded for your decisiveness with a $65 ticket.

Prices our now $75. Still reasonable and only a modest $10 ‘procrastination penalty’

Tickets include 5 hours of premium open bar (all the good stuff), light food, champagne toast, amazing music (80s, 90s, and a mix of all modern genres) from 2 DJs, watch the ball drop on a big screen TV and I will be your MC counting down with all of you! It’s not always wise to hand me a microphone after a few drinks, but please let me have my fun with it. Then lie to me later that I did a good job

You can buy your tickets here http://newyears2014.davidshapiro.net/newyearseve before the next price increase goes into effect.

You know you want to party Like It’s 1999 (or 89, whatever), so join us for a great night with 250 friends in our own private party at the renowned Culture Club! Our party has the 2nd floor 100% private with access to other floor(s).

To acknowledge our partners on this event:

► Club Getaway has invited all past resort guests to join the festivities and are sending their best staff to help us host this important celebration!

► Joonbug bought out the whole venue and then we partnered with them to take over the 2nd Floor. We can thank them for putting together this amazing package for us on New Year’s Eve.

► The managers and owners of Culture Club have been a pleasure to work with in planning the night! They are custom decorating our floor, adding special lighting effects and will produce a memorable event with their top staff on hand from beginning to end!!

Any questions, give me a call today at 212-579-4844. Even if you are working, there’s no one else in your office. So, no one will notice if you give me a ring to make plans to ring in the new year with us 🙂


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