Davidshapiro.net offers the NEXT GENERATION OF SUMMER SHARES


Looking to meet new people and enjoy fun events, shares and travel? (NYC)

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What is davidshapiro.net, Inc? DavidShapiro.net, Inc. is the leading social and professional networking company in the New York City area, with over 150,000 members and ten years of experience hosting events and vacations for upscale professionals. 
Our social events are geared towards trendy partygoers who know how to enjoy everything Manhattan nightlife has to offer, while our business events are geared towards successful professionals looking to expand their networks.

Our vacations cater to professionals who want to kick back, relax, and have a great time away from their busy lives. You can always call David directly at 212-579-4844 for more info, to inquire about working on the growing team at davidshapiro.net, to suggest ideas for new events & vacations or discuss opportunities for your own business to partner with us Years in the making (we’re a little slow), we finally figured out what you want! You want it ALL. Why just do The Hamptons, Fire Island or Club Getaway? Have you thought about vacationing on The North Fork or in Atlantic City? We are bringing together every top weekend vacation spot that is within 3 hours of NYC into ONE Summer Share! 
Not only are we changing the Where of the Summer Share, we’re changing the When! That’s right, we are redefining the seasons. It may be a little bit presumptuous of us, but after this winter we think you deserve a longer summer. We’re launching the Summer 2014 Season on the weekend of April 25th at one of the best hotels in Atlantic City complete with multiple heated indoor pools, casinos, clubs and restaurants. We’re not ending the season until Club Getaway’s renowned October 10th Fall Finale weekend featuring all their land & water sports. Call 212-579-4844 for more about The Next Generation of Summer Shares

 What you don’t want! 
You DON’T WANT just a random group of people. You DON’T WANT to go away by yourself or try to convince friends to all agree on when and where to go. You DON’T WANT to sit around all weekend trying to figure out what to do for fun.

Email for additional details.

 What you do want! You DO WANT to just call me (I hope) and pick 2, 4, 6, or 8 pre-planned, pre-packaged, selective, social weekend getaways at the top destinations in the tri-state area including, but not limited to, Club Getaway, a Fire Island beach house, a Hamptons Hotel, a luxurious North Fork Resort and a top Atlantic City Mega-Hotel! 
Attend an event to be invited to join our group.

 What’s Next… SUMMER KICK-OFF PARTY Thursday, February 27 Monarch Rooftop 71 W 35th St (5th/6th) 7pm to 11pm 
Phone RSVPs at 212-579-4844 Required. Guestlist strictly enforced. Attendance at an event is mandatory to book our summer shares.

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