Just 24 hours (close enough) until the f

Just 24 hours (close enough) until the first of 14 weekend trips that collectively we refer to as ‘The Summer 2014 Share – Redefined’!

We will be going to Atlantic City this weekend to get things started and then follow it up 4 weeks later with our first holiday weekend at Club Getaway.

Call me today to join us for one, a few, a lot or all of the summer trips to the Hamptons, Fire Island, Club Getaway and/or Atlantic City!

If you can’t call from work, email me at david@davidshapiro.net and I will send you the current prices. Each week the prices go up, but I will still work with you to make sure you can afford as much summer fun as possible.

Each weekend costs approximately $350 to $495 based on how many weekends you select, the dates you chose and the room types you reserve.

More info about our Summer Shares: http://davidshapiro.net/page/summer2014

Your summer schedule is:

► 4/25: Atlantic City Summer Season Kick-Off Weekend at Revel!
► 5/23: Memorial Day @ Club Getaway
► 6/27: Hamptons (Amagansett)
► 7/4: Fourth of July @ Club Getaway
► 7/11: Fire Island
► 7/18: Club Getaway Young Pros
► 7/25: Club Getaway Sports, Fun & Adventure
► 8/1: Fire Island (sold out)
► 8/8: Club Getaway J-Weekend and Hamptons (2 choices this weekend)
► 8/15: Club Getaway Sports, Fun & Adventure
► 8/22: Hamptons (Amagansett)
► 8/29: Labor Day @ Club Getaway
► 10/10: Club Getaway Fall Finale

Call today to book before additional weekends are sold out and prices go up again. Also, the more weekends you book as a part of your Summer Share, the less it costs for each.


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