Your Summer Share is here! Enjoy The Hamptons, Fire Island, & Club Getaway


Based on the incredible reviews from an amazing Memorial Day Weekend at Club Getaway we added the June 13th weekend to our Summer 2014 Schedule!

As my friend Jessica eloquently described Club Getaway:Amazing weekend of sun and fun. From kayaking and archery to a pub hike and silent disco… from a bungee trampoline to arts and crafts… from the lake to the bonfire… from the tasty food to the new friends… Had so much fun and can’t wait to experience it all again.

More Info on Our Summer Share – Redefined:

Call me today at 212-579-4844 to book Club Getaway, the Hamptons or Fire Island. Photos and info at but it is always best to call.


The more weekends you book, the less it costs for each. Call 212-579-4844 to join us.

The prices range from $290 to $546 per weekend based on how many weekends you book, which destinations you choose and the room type you select.

Many people book by themselves and we will carefully match up roommates based on age, gender and personality types.

Join our group in The Hamptons, Club Getaway & Fire Island this summer!

Photos don’t lie Take a look at the photos from Memorial Day Weekend at Club Getaway here:

Get a preview of our upcoming June 27th and other weekends in the Hamptons with photos of our luxurious oceanfront hotel here:

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