Every day another weekend fills up on our schedule and another chance to get away this summer goes away! logo at cg
Get your summer started by joining us in a few days (June 13th weekend) at Club Getaway, followed by our kick-off weekend on June 27th in the Hamptons. 

Give me a call today at 212-579-4844 to join us on June 13th or any of the other weekends this summer in the Hamptons or Club Getaway. Fire Island is sold out.


More Info on Our Summer Share – Redefined:  http://davidshapiro.net/page/summer2014
Summer 2014 Schedule

11 of our 13 remaining Summer trips have availability as of today. Some weekends are down to their last few spots and will be sold out soon.

The updated summer schedule is now:

  • 6/13:  A special Club Getaway weekend – start your summer now!
  • 6/27:   Hamptons  in Amagansett (1 room left)
  • 7/4:     Fourth of July @ Club Getaway (almost sold out)
  • 7/11:   Fire Island (sold out)
  • 7/18:   Club Getaway Young Pros (just a few spots left)
  • 7/25:   Club Getaway Sports, Fun & Adventure
  • 8/1:     Fire Island (sold out)
  • 8/8:     Club Getaway J-Weekend and Hamptons in Amagansett
  • 8/15:   Club Getaway Sports, Fun & Adventure
  • 8/22:   Hamptons in Amagansett (2 rooms left)
  • 8/29:   Labor Day @ Club Getaway
  • 10/10: Club Getaway Fall Finale
 The more weekends you book, the less it costs for each. Availability is subject to change.

The ONE most important thing that makes our vacations different
Selectivity. Carefully picking the people who are invited to join each trip is the MOST important factor in any weekend vacation.
Wherever we go, whatever we do, WHO you do it with it trumps all other factors 🙂
Say Hello to Summer with NYC Social!  
Summer Leagues Open! What better way to ring in Summer than with… Team sports! Our friends over at NYC Social — NYC’s social co-ed, adult recreational sports club — has officially opened up Summer registration for all leagues.

What does this mean for you? Glad you asked. It means getting outside (and perfecting your tan!) with Flag Football and Kickball; making new friends with Outdoor & Indoor Soccer, Basketball, and Ultimate Frisbee; slapping high-fives with team members during Indoor Volleyball and Dodgeball. Looking to escape the heat? There’s always booze and bands at NYC Social’s Brooklyn Bowl Bowling League. And for those aiming to get fit for those swimsuit-filled vacations, there’s a Run & Endurance Club for that. 

All leagues are for 21+, as well as an exclusive Gen X indoor Volleyball and Soccer Leagues for 30 and older. And don’t forget, all Leagues have a designated sponsor bar with exclusive NYC Social specials to keep the games rolling well after the last play!

Click here to register and for questions please email info@nycsocial.com.
Jigsaw Singles Party! dnb

Party Friday! Come on out this Friday night June 13th for a Jigsaw singles party in Manhattan thrown by my friend Spencer from ClickMixers. These parties are a blast and are a great place to meet quality singles in NYC. Everyone gets a puzzle piece and mingles while looking for the other half of their puzzle piece. The more matches you find, the more chances you have to win prizes. It’s such a fun icebreaker!

Get all the details and see past event pics at http://www.ClickMixers.com/jigsaw.html

It is time to Social network in person! Come Share this Summer on a Getaway to the Hamptons, Fire Island & more.

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