It seems like everyone is talking about

It seems like everyone is talking about father’s day and doing some sort of marketing promo, dad’s day tie-in, special sale, but in my case I can’t think of any way to link Father’s Day and our Summer Weekend Vacations.

But, what the heck (yes, that’s as close as I come to cursing), let’s do a Father’s Day sale anyway! Mention our top secret, impossible to guess Promo Code “Dad” for $50 off any package with 2 or more weekends!

Here’s the availability as of today. Call 212-579-4844 to book before more weekends are sold out. Happy Father’s Day everyone!!

6/27: Hamptons in Amagansett (1 room left)
7/4: Fourth of July @ Club Getaway (almost sold out)
7/11: Fire Island (sold out)
7/18: Club Getaway Young Pros (just a few spots left in our upgraded cabins)
7/25: Club Getaway Sports, Fun & Adventure
8/1: Fire Island (sold out)
8/8: Club Getaway J-Weekend and Hamptons in Amagansett
8/15: Club Getaway Sports, Fun & Adventure
8/22: Hamptons in Amagansett (2 rooms left)
8/29: Labor Day @ Club Getaway
10/10: Club Getaway Fall Finale

The more weekends you book, the less it costs for each. Availability is subject to change. We match up roommates and about half our guests book by themselves.

Call 212-579-4844 to join us. The prices (after tax and hotel/resort fees) range from $360 to $546 per weekend based on how many weekends you book, which destinations you choose and the room type you select.


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