Parties this weekend in the Hamptons. July 4th Weekend at Club Getaway plus other weekend trips‏

Summer season switches into high gear! Join us this Weekend in the Hamptons!  house1

If you will be in the Hamptons this weekend, join us Friday night at The Stephen Talkhouse, Saturday afternoon for happy hour at Cyril’s and Saturday night at Georgica.

Text me at 917-806-4171 to meet up with us and for more details about our social plans. In particular, if you want to join us for dinner or nightlife at Georgica, please confirm in advance.

Georgica put together a custom tasting prix fixe menu for our dinner that’s actually quite reasonable in Hamptons dollars 🙂

Our group of 40 is staying in a private oceanfront hotel in Amagansett. Sorry, no non-hotel guests are allowed on the property but we can meet you out during the weekend.

See photos of our hotel at

We’re looking forward to our first weekend of the season in the Hamptons!

This weekend begins a marathon of 10 consecutive trips to the Hamptons, Club Getaway and Fire Island.

After that I take a little break to get married and go on my honeymoon but return in time for the Fall Finale on October 10th at Club Getaway.

Yes, I really did plan my wedding around the summer schedule 🙂

Call me if you still want to be a part of our Summer Share 2014 Redefined.

Putting this together was probably one of the biggest undertakings in my career and it’s really exciting to see the 7 months of planning come to fruition!!

Thank you to everyone who supported me during the process and for joining this new concept in summer weekend vacationing in the tri-state area.

Club Getaway’s water park Call me at 212-579-4844 with questions about this weekend’s events and all our upcoming trips.

The latest Info on Our Summer Share – Redefined can always be found at

The updated summer schedule as of 6/24/14 6/27: Hamptons – Oceanfront hotel in Amagansett (can’t wait!)

7/4: Fourth of July @ Club Getaway (almost sold out)

7/11: Fire Island (sold out)

7/18: Club Getaway Young Pros (just a few spots left)

7/25: Club Getaway Sports, Fun & Adventure (75% booked)

8/1: Fire Island (sold out)

8/8: Club Getaway J-Weekend (Jewish singles weekend. Other trips are not specifically for any religion or relationship status)

8/8 Hamptons – Oceanfront hotel in Amagansett (2 rooms left)

8/15: Club Getaway Sports, Fun & Adventure

8/22: Hamptons in Amagansett (2 rooms left)

8/29: Labor Day @ Club Getaway

10/10: Club Getaway Fall Finale The more weekends you book, the less it costs for each.


Availability is subject to change. We match up roommates and about half our guests join by themselves.

Call 212-579-4844 to join us.

The prices range from $360 to $546 per weekend based on how many weekends you book, which destinations you choose and the room type you select.

July 4th Weekend at Club Getaway

cgHome_bgtop_001 The long awaited special events for July 4th Weekend at Club Getaway have been announced! Hot Air Balloon Up, Up and Away! Experience the thrill of soaring high into the air when you jump into our tethered rainbow hot air balloon for an unforgettable view of the over 300 pristine acres Club Getaway has to offer. Dueling Pianos Show! Experience the comedy and musical combination of Dueling Pianos who use all 88 keys (actually 176 keys since it’ll be two pianos!) to put a new spin on songs that’ll have you dancing and singing along. Aerial Park Play in the trees at our new adventure base camp aerial park. Your adrenaline will peak as you walk across a swing log, traverse a multi-vine bridge and jump from step to step. This will be an adventure like no other! Pub Hike Ever been on a bar crawl in the woods? Party from watering hole to watering hole with a different beer at every stop along the way! World Cup Can’t make it to Brazil this summer? Team up and compete in the Getaway World Cup Games. May the best Country win! Trapeze Work on your aerial skills as you fly through the air on our flying trapeze!

* * * See more photos of Club Getaway from our Memorial Day Weekend trip.

A rush of people all trying to get in on our Summer Share – Redefined! 🙂 The ONE most important thing that makes our vacations different Selectivity. Carefully picking the people who are invited to join each trip is the MOST important factor in any weekend vacation. Wherever we go, whatever we do, WHO you do it with it trumps all other factors 🙂 Call me at 212-579-4844 to be invited to join our group. I take my phone-screening process pretty seriously.


The boardwalk leading directly from our Hamptons Hotel to our private oceanfront beach. And, yes, that is our onsite hard surface tennis court on the right of the photo 🙂

What is, Inc?, Inc. is the leading social and professional networking company in the New York City area, with over 150,000 members and ten years of experience hosting events and vacations for upscale professionals. Our social events are geared towards trendy partygoers who know how to enjoy everything Manhattan nightlife has to offer, while our business events are geared towards successful professionals looking to expand their networks. Our vacations cater to professionals who want to kick back, relax, and have a great time away from their busy lives. You can always call David directly at 212-579-4844 for more info, to inquire about working on the growing team at, to suggest ideas for new events & vacations or discuss opportunities for your own business to partner with us.


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