July Sports, Fun & Adventure Weekend (25th – 27th)CLUB GETAWAY

Highlights for July Sports, Fun & Adventure Weekend! (25th – 27th)

In addition to unique and exciting activities we offer every weekend, here are some special events for our JULY Sports, Fun & Adventure Weekend.

Fiesta Friday

60_7_fiestaThe best way to start the weekend…


TRY OUR NEW ~ Aerial Park61_16_aerialparknew

Play in the trees at our new adventure base camp aerial park. Your adrenaline will…

peak as you walk across a swing log, traverse a multi vine bridge and jump from step to step. This will be an adventure like no other!

Have you ever done Wakeboarding?


Don’t be shy newcomers and pros are welcome…We have great instructors to teach you the ropes.

What about Prana Power Yoga? Ohm & Namaste!


Take a moment to step back from the craziness of Club Getaway…

Admire the beautiful setting as you participate in a yoga class and work on controlling your breathing, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific postures. Whether you are a novice or an old hand we have a class for you.

World Cup Soccer

Can’t make it to Brazil this summer?…68_8_worldcup

Team up and compete in the Getaway World Cup Games. May the best Country win!




One of our most popular activities is Zip Lining! Guests enjoy zipping 1000 feet and…

reaching speeds of 30 miles per hour. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or just want to see what it’s all about, zip lining at Club Getaway is an activity not to miss.


62_TrapezeWork on your aerial skills as you fly through the air on our flying trapeze!

Saints and Sinners Party

Are you naughty or nice? Are you a saint or a sinner?…sns

Will you soar with the angels or dance with the devils at our Saturday night party? Whichever side you choose your soul will give you eternal salvation!

Flip Cup and Beer Pong

Do we really need to say anything…The sport of Kings & Queens!66_beerpong

Pub Hike

Ever been on a bar crawl in the woods?…65_11_pubcrawl

Party from watering hole to watering hole with a different beer at every stop along the way!

Scan Quest

How Far is Disney Land From Club Getaway?

64_13_scavengerhuntnewTake a picture of the Sexiest Club Getaway Crew Member? Take a picture of a person drinking a shot of tequila while standing on one foot and rubbing their head at the same time? Who has the shortest time on the Mountain Scream Canopy Tour? We won’t spoil all the surprises. This wild and wacky scavenger hunt that will have you doing wild and zany things with your friends.



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