Back from my honeymoon. Had a great time

Back from my honeymoon. Had a great time and and now back to the business of helping all my friends have a great time 🙂

– Just a handful of beds left for the Fall Finale (Oct 10 – 12) weekend at Club Getaway in our fully stocked upgraded cabins.
– Our group trip South Beach (Dec 11 – 14) also seems to be quite popular. In my usual ‘style’, the earlier you book, the less you pay. The prices now are still very reasonable for a top tier oceanfront hotel!

Call me today at 212-579-4844 about booking either or both trips.

Please note I don’t advertise prices because I want to speak to and get to know every guest on every trip. All I can tell you is that for Club Getaway our group always gets the best rates and for South Beach I priced it so pretty much all our friends can afford it.


Tomorrow is deadline for early-sign up p

Tomorrow is deadline for early-sign up pricing for our December 11th – 14th trip to South Beach. Details at: Call me at 212-579-4844 for exact pricing and packages. The prices now are very reasonable so try to give me a call today.

We also have our grand finale at Club Getaway known as the Fall Finale Weekend on October 10th- 12th. Down to my last 6 beds for the final weekend of the season and then we will be sold out.