Just 2 rooms left in our block of rooms

Just 2 rooms left in our block of rooms at the Loews for our Dec 11 – 14 South Beach trip. After we book those rooms, I’ll have to go back to the hotel to try to secure more rooms but they will definitely cost more!

Many of you have expressed interest in joining us, please contact me today at 212-579-4844 to discuss and confirm. I’ve kept the pricing very reasonable (ranging from $396 for a shared Double bed to $546 for your own Double bed. Each room is a Double Double (2 Double beds, obviously) Partial Oceanview Deluxe room.

We can match up roommates, but if you want to share a bed then you need to bring your own ‘bed mate’. I don’t it’s legal for us to match up people to sleep together 🙂 🙂

We will have a full plan of things to do by day and by night! It will be a great escape from the cold December New York weather!

The prices are after all taxes and hotel fees. Yes, I know. It’s a really good rate for 3 nights and 4 days at one of the top hotels in South Beach 🙂

General info at http://davidshapiro.net/page/south-beach


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