I am still casually shopping around for

I am still casually shopping around for good spaces for New Year’s Eve. What’s the rush? It’s still 11 days away 🙂

In all reality, 90% of people don’t buy their tickets until the week before and 1/2 of that 90% buy it in the 24 hours leading up to it. Trust me I know this based on 20 years of dealing with chronic procrastination in planning for the BIG night.

I am looking at a few good places tomorrow and will keep you apprised of any updates. Venues that don’t have anything booked yet (or had a deal fall through on them) are much more accommodating now and will really work hard to take care of us in terms of price and what’s included. You’d be surprised how many really good bars and lounges have not yet confirmed their NYE plans.

I promise that if I don’t find the perfect party to host for us, I will post a few solid recommendations that I can stand behind. So, either way, you will have some good options to ring in the New Year.

Happy holidays and stay tuned…


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