As we approach our final ski weekend thi

As we approach our final ski weekend this Friday, it’s time to switch gears and start getting your summer vacations lined up. As always, we reward you for planning. You can get the lowest possible prices right now at 212-579-4844 for enjoying weekends on the Ocean in the Hamptons & Fire Island and lakeside at Club Getaway.

We will have 16 guests staying with us each weekend at our beautiful house in Fire Island, 60 guests per weekend in Montauk and 50 friends per weekend with us at Club Getaway!

21 trips across 14 weekends at 3 destinations is our most ambitious summer schedule ever! We’re doing all of this to give you all the choices you need to plan exactly what you want from your precious summer weekends.

Below is the schedule. However, notice we don’t publish the prices and you can’t book online. This is because you must contact me directly at 212-579-4844 to join. We hand pick all guests to ensure all group trips have a good group which is obviously the key to a fun weekend!

While I do have an amazing support team, I personally speak to every potential guest to ensure they will add something to the experience and not take away from it. To be clear, I am not snobby but “I am snobby against snobs” whose attitude would annoy others.

Our house in Fire Island is private property, the hotel rooms in the Hamptons are booked in my name and the cabins are Club Getaway are pre-paid to use at my own personal discretion. In other words, it’s not public property and I have no obligation to take any individual whose behavior would impede your ability to have fun, relax and enjoy your vacation.

Full Summer Schedule
► 5/22 Memorial Day Weekend (Fri-Mon) @ Club Getaway
► 5/22 Memorial Day Weekend (Fri-Mon) @ Fire Island
► 6/12 Millennial Weekend 21 to 30 @ Club Getaway
► 6/26 June Sports, Fun & Adventure @ Club Getaway
► 6/26 Fire Island House
► 6/26 Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► 7/2 July 4th Weekend (Thurs-Sun) @ Club Getaway
► 7/10 Boomers 50+ @ Club Getaway
► 7/10 Hamptons Hotel
► 7/17 July Sports, Fun & Adventure @ Club Getaway
► 7/17 Fire Island House
► 7/24 Young Pros 20’s & 30’s @ Club Getaway
► 7/31 J Weekend @ Club Getaway
► 7/31 Hamptons Hotel
► 8/7 August Sports, Fun & Adventure @ Club Getaway
► 8/14 Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► 8/28 Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► 8/28 Fire Island House
► 9/4 Labor Day Weekend (Fri-Mon) @ Club Getaway
► 10/2 Fall Finale @ Club Getaway
►10/9 Camp Out LGBT @ Club Getaway

I look forward to speaking soon and helping you put together your ideal summer vacation schedule. We also offer the option to lock in the Current Early Sign-Up Prices without selecting your exact weekends. You can select your schedule at a later time.

If we already know each other and you are pretty sure I’d invite you back for Summer 2015, email me at for the price list 🙂

Excited for another great summer!!

David Shapiro
President, Inc.


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