Early Sign Up pricing for Summer 2015 en

Early Sign Up pricing for Summer 2015 ends this Friday. When you combine the Early Prices with Multi-Weekend packages, your summer weekends can cost as little as $346. That’s the final price after all taxes, services fees and resort/hotel fees. Not bad for weekend vacations in the Hamptons, Fire Island and Club Getaway. Right? 🙂

We are also tightening up our selection process a bit this year. The key to any good group trip is ‘good’ people. If we don’t really know each other, we must speak on the phone at 212-579-4844 and establish if our trips are a good fit.

Please note each weekend and destination brings together different ages and demographics. Over the phone, I can guide you to the most appropriate ones based on your social preferences.

Full Summer 2015 Schedule – Early Sign Up pricing in effect until Friday.
Call 212-579-4844 or email david@davidshapiro.net to get the current price list.

► 5/22 Memorial Day Weekend (Fri-Mon) @ Fire Island
► 5/22 Memorial Day Weekend (Fri-Mon) @ Club Getaway
► 6/12 Millennial Weekend 21 to 30 @ Club Getaway
► 6/26 Fire Island House
► 6/26 June Sports, Fun & Adventure @ Club Getaway
► 6/26 Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► 7/2 July 4th Weekend (Thurs-Sun) @ Club Getaway
► 7/10 Boomers 50+ @ Club Getaway
► 7/10 Hamptons Hotel
► 7/17 July Sports, Fun & Adventure @ Club Getaway
► 7/17 Fire Island House
► 7/24 Young Pros 20’s & 30’s @ Club Getaway
► 7/31 Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► 7/31 J Weekend @ Club Getaway
► 8/7 August Sports, Fun & Adventure @ Club Getaway
► 8/14 Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► 8/28 Fire Island House
► 8/28 Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► 9/4 Labor Day Weekend (Fri-Mon) @ Club Getaway
► 10/2 Fall Finale @ Club Getaway
► 10/9 Camp Out LGBT

More Info at http://davidshapiro.net/page/summer2015


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