Get out and play one last time! Fall Fin

Get out and play one last time! Fall Finale at Club Getaway is just over 2 weeks away. Call me at 212-579-4844 for one last weekend trip. This final weekend is always a great reunion of all our friends from all our trips during the summer season. New friends are welcome, too.

Our group stays in Upgraded Cabins and receives special group rates. Limited spots still available. Hope you can join us.


I recently got off the phone with my goo

I recently got off the phone with my good friend and owner of Club Getaway, David Schreiber. I have 2 spots left in our block of 50 beds and he has only a scattered spot or two across the rest of the 280 guest, 300 acre resort.

For a change, we would both like to thank and accuweather for their picture-perfect forecasts that guaranteed a sold out, social, fun, activity-filled holiday weekend getaway for all of us 🙂

Contact me right away at 212-579-4844 if you still want to get in on this guaranteed-to-be amazing weekend!!

We hope to see you there!

Your hosts,
David Shapiro & David Schreiber