Winterfest and Summer 2016 Update! ► Tha

Winterfest and Summer 2016 Update!

► Thanks to everyone who joined us this past weekend at Mount Snow! It was a great time and we can’t wait for the Feb 26th one. If you haven’t booked, please contact us ASAP at 212-579-4844. Limited spots available!!

► Hamptons & Fire Island 2016. Record breaking start in January! Book by this Friday, January 29th to lock in current rates. Each week, prices go up. Even if we know each other, please apply online at Then call 212-579-4844 for phone interview/discussion. We get to know every guest to ensure that you will enjoy your weekends with us.

► SAVE THE DATE: Pre-Valentines Day Party on Saturday, February 13th. Details TBA soon!


Last call for this weekend at Mount Snow

Last call for this weekend at Mount Snow!

We have an almost sold out hotel and bus, so PLEASE call me right away at 212-579-4844. The ski and party conditions both look great! 🙂

Quick Summary of Upcoming Trips: ► Janua

Quick Summary of Upcoming Trips:

► January 22 & Feb 26 Ski trips – we have good groups joining us including the Z100 crew and both trips are almost full. If you want to come, get in touch right away at 212-579-4844. Skiers and non-skiers welcome.

► Ocean Beach Fire Island House – Fire Island fills up first. We only have 4 weekends available (MDay, 6/24, 7/22, 8/26). Get in touch right away if you want any FI weekends.

► Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel: We’re undertaking our biggest venture in the Hamptons…EVER! 12 weekends, all the holidays and 65% of the hotel booked private. It’s like our own private Club Med-style oceanfront resort in the Hamptons! 1 weekend is already sold out. Each week the prices go up. Get the # of weekends you want now and select exact dates later (we’ll help you to pick the best schedule).

Excited for a great 2016! Get in touch at 212-579-4844 or

Please note you must fill out an application at to join us in the Hamptons or Fire Island. We’re being even more selective than usual to ensure it’s a fun, social and active group where everyone gets along well.