Quick Summary of Upcoming Trips: ► Janua

Quick Summary of Upcoming Trips:

► January 22 & Feb 26 Ski trips – we have good groups joining us including the Z100 crew and both trips are almost full. If you want to come, get in touch right away at 212-579-4844. Skiers and non-skiers welcome.

► Ocean Beach Fire Island House – Fire Island fills up first. We only have 4 weekends available (MDay, 6/24, 7/22, 8/26). Get in touch right away if you want any FI weekends.

► Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel: We’re undertaking our biggest venture in the Hamptons…EVER! 12 weekends, all the holidays and 65% of the hotel booked private. It’s like our own private Club Med-style oceanfront resort in the Hamptons! 1 weekend is already sold out. Each week the prices go up. Get the # of weekends you want now and select exact dates later (we’ll help you to pick the best schedule).

Excited for a great 2016! Get in touch at 212-579-4844 or david@davidshapiro.net.

Please note you must fill out an application at http://davidshapiro.net/page/summer2016 to join us in the Hamptons or Fire Island. We’re being even more selective than usual to ensure it’s a fun, social and active group where everyone gets along well.

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