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Just a reminder to get your tickets for

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Just a reminder to get your tickets for Tuesday’s event. Once we hit capacity, ticket sales will be cut off. Please RSVP on Facebook at and buy your tickets at:

Hope you can join us. We took over the entire Goldbar space and it will definitely be a fun night!!

Any questions, call me at 212-579-4844.

SOME EXCITING NEWS! We just confirmed ou

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SOME EXCITING NEWS! We just confirmed our Fire Island house for Summer 2015!! In Fire Island, you have to plan early to get the good houses. We booked the perfect house for Memorial Day, June 26, July 17th and August 28th weekends.

Last summer, Fire Island sold out way ahead of all the other options. So if you want to get in for this summer, let me know right away. We will start taking bookings now. There are only 14 spots per weekend and they will go quick. Since the spots are so limited, good friends, past guests and friends of friends (who come highly recommended) will be giving preference in weekend selection and the option to join the house.

Last year we were in Ocean Bay Park. This year we wanted to be in Ocean Beach where all the stores, restaurants and bars are located. But we didn’t want to do deal with hassle of the infamous Ocean Beach police who love to ticket house rentals and their guests. To get the best of both worlds, we booked one of the few nice houses right on the border of Ocean Beach and Seaview. Literally, 6 feet from Ocean Beach. The other side of the street from our house is Ocean Beach and governed by all their crazy laws. Our side of the street is free to live in peace and enjoy the house without worry!

Call me at 212-579-4844 if you want to book Fire Island weekend(s). Please note that once we announce the specifics of all our other summer options (Club Getaway and the Hamptons), you will not be able to book Fire Island separately. After the full summer scheduled is finalized, you will only be able to get into the Fire Island house as a part of a package that includes at least one other destination.

Already looking forward to an incredible Summer 2015!!

Starting to get really excited for our u

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Starting to get really excited for our upcoming Dec 11 – 14 South Beach trip! Making arrangements for us to go to all the top restaurants, hotel bars and lounges in the area. The days will be beautiful at the pool and beach. The nights are going to so much fun!! Call me this weekend at 212-579-4844 if you want one of our last rooms.

FYI…the prices to stay with our group at the Loews are reasonable and the airfares are also still inexpensive. — at Loews Miami Beach Hotel.

Did you ever wonder why global warming o

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Did you ever wonder why global warming only leads to colder winters? :) While we don’t know the answer to that perplexing scientific question, we do have a short term solution.

We reserved Luxury Partial Ocean View rooms at the stunning Loews Miami Beach Hotel from Thursday, December 11th to Sunday December 14th. We will host you for 3 warm nights and 4 hot days in South Beach doing all there is to do!

Our deadline for original pricing is quickly approaching. The group is getting quite large and we’re just about finished filling our block of rooms. If you want to get in at the original price call me today at 212-579-4844. Pretty soon I will have to go back to the hotel and beg for some more rooms which will cost both me and you more to get away during the peak season in Miami.

We’re staying at one of the best hotels on the ocean in South Beach. I am in the midst of finalizing our dinner and nightlife plans to enjoy the most upscale places in the area. It’s definitely going to be both a relaxing and very social long weekend vacation. I hope you can join us.

Additional information about South Beach is on our website. However, calling me at 212-579-4844 is still always the best way get all the details.

Just 2 rooms left in our block of rooms

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Just 2 rooms left in our block of rooms at the Loews for our Dec 11 – 14 South Beach trip. After we book those rooms, I’ll have to go back to the hotel to try to secure more rooms but they will definitely cost more!

Many of you have expressed interest in joining us, please contact me today at 212-579-4844 to discuss and confirm. I’ve kept the pricing very reasonable (ranging from $396 for a shared Double bed to $546 for your own Double bed. Each room is a Double Double (2 Double beds, obviously) Partial Oceanview Deluxe room.

We can match up roommates, but if you want to share a bed then you need to bring your own ‘bed mate’. I don’t it’s legal for us to match up people to sleep together :) :)

We will have a full plan of things to do by day and by night! It will be a great escape from the cold December New York weather!

The prices are after all taxes and hotel fees. Yes, I know. It’s a really good rate for 3 nights and 4 days at one of the top hotels in South Beach :)

General info at

Just over 6 weeks until our Dec 11 – 14t

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Just over 6 weeks until our Dec 11 – 14th South Beach trip! We have a really nice size group of friends joining us at beachfront Loews Hotel!! If you still want to come, please contact me right away at 212-579-4844.

More info is at but it’s best to just call me. Airfares are really reasonable to Miami right now.

We compiled 268 photos from the Fall Fin

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We compiled 268 photos from the Fall Finale Weekend at Club Getaway. It took a little while but we wanted to get all the good photos posted by all our friends into one album…hope you enjoy.…

Now that the Summer Share 2014 – Redefined that started with Atlantic City in April and official ended last weekend, we’re moving on to our next series of trips starting with South Beach Dec 11 – 14. Ski trips at Mount Snow to be announced very soon as well. For now, give me a call at 212-579-4844 to join us in South Beach. Our block of room at the Loews Hotel is filling up rather quickly and, trust me, by December you’re going to want to some warm Miami weather :)

General South Beach at Call for pricing and the different room options.