David Shapiro asks, “Am I stupid?”


* New Year’s 2014 – Should I charge more? *
*  Winterfest 2014 – Jan 24th trip just about sold out *
I ran into a friend of mine at an event earlier in the week and she told me that she’s not coming to our New Year’s Eve party because she CAN afford to spend more at a different event…

I was little confused. Just because you can afford a higher ticket price to get the same value elsewhere, does that mean you should spend the money? 

Am I stupid for keeping the prices so low? Do I need to double the ticket price to create a higher value perception? We offer more in our New Year’s Eve event in regard to quality of drinks, food, music, atmosphere, caliber of guests and service than any other party I know about. 

I am not greedy and want people to enjoy New Year’s Eve without feeling ripped off. Unlike most New Year’s party companies, we stay in business year round and still want you to be happy with us after the ball drops.

Let me know your opinion about whether I should double the ticket price. Obviously, you probably want to buy your ticket before offering that advice 🙂

New Year’s Eve @ Culture Club Highlights

Your $75 ticket includes 5 hours of premium open bar (all the good stuff), light food, champagne toast, amazing music (80s, 90s, and a mix of all modern genres) from 2 DJs, watch the ball drop on a big screen TV and enjoy the company of 250 of our friends! Our party has the 2nd floor 100% private with access to other floor(s). 

You can buy your $75 tickets here http://newyears2014.davidshapiro.net/newyearseve 
before the next price increase goes into effect. 

Note: While Culture Club is an 80s-themed dance club, you can dress however you want to ring in the New Year. Also, we will be playing plenty of 80s music but we will not forget to mix in current genres of music.

Any questions, give me a call today at 212-579-4844.

Get your tickets here: http://newyears2014.davidshapiro.net.  

Winterfest 2014 @ Mount Snow

► With purchase of New Year’s Eve ticket at Culture Club, you’ll receive a $25 credit towards any new booking for Winterfest 2014 – Our 2 big ski trips on Jan 24th and Feb 21st to Mount Snow (davidshapiro.net/events/winterfest2014).  

► The January 24th weekend trip is pretty much sold out. Call me today at 212-579-4844 and I will see if there is anything I can do to still accommodate you.

► February 21st has a little more space but we expect it to sell out soon as well.

Please call 212-579-4844 or email david@davidshapiro.net for latest prices and availability. We will have over 120 guests staying with us on each of this weekend. Definitely our 2 biggest ski trips ever! That’s the advantage of taking over a hotel instead of renting a house 🙂
Call 212-579-4844 or email david@davidshapiro.net for more info about NYE or the ski trips.
Hope everyone is having a great holiday season and I look forward to seeing you on New Year’s or at another event or trip in 2014!
Talk to you soon.
David Shapiro
davidshapiro.net, Inc.

  New Year’s Eve 2014 @ Culture Club
New Year’s Eve 2014!
We booked the 2nd Floor Lounge at Culture Club 100% private for 250 of our nearest and dearest friends! You’ll have full access to the multi-color Rubik’s Cube-like first floor dance floor as well. For a nominal upgrade you can also wander into the impressive Nirvana Room on the 3rd floor.

Here was my thinking when choosing Culture Club for our NYE party this year: 

► I wanted something a little different and the 80s/90s theme and decor of Culture Club DEFINITELY has that!  We will have 2 different DJs playing so it will be a mix of 80s, 90s and more modern genres. Everyone loves 80s but we plan to mix it up throughout the night to keep it interesting!

► We wanted to be centrally located but far enough from the madness of Time Square. Culture Club is on 39th btw 5th and 6th. That’s perfect. Right?
► We wanted to party and celebrate without it being out of control so we booked our own private floor. Culture Club has 3 levels in total and we took the one in the middle for convenience. So you have the best of both worlds: a small party of our own friends mixed in with a much larger party of new people to meet!
► We wanted good service. We have our own bar and wait staff dedicated just to our floor!
► We wanted our friends to still have some money left to use in 2014 and not spend it all on an overpriced NYE ticket! Tickets are just $75 for 5 hours of premium open bar! Yes, all the good stuff is included!! They even have Monster (my own favorite) if you need some extra energy to keep on celebrating.

The prices will continue to go up, but $75 is definitely still a good deal. 

Get your tickets here before the next price increase:

  Winterfest 2014


As you know by now, we have our 2 biggest ski trips EVER going to Mount Snow on the weekends of Jan 24th and Feb 21st.
Call 212-579-4844 and we can help you select the right room category based on your personal preferences, budget and our availability*. Please note availability is becoming quite limited, so contact us as soon as possible to discuss options.
We’re also pretty good with matching up compatible roommates, so you don’t need to book with friends. Friends are welcome but by the end of each weekend we will all be friends. I know that sounds a little cheesy, but it’s true 🙂

We are co-hosting the trip with Club Getaway and combining our staff, resources and social networks to create 2 amazing ski weekend vacations. Between us. we will have over 120 guests going each weekend. Some ski. Some snowboard. Some do neither and just want to enjoy all the parties and activities we have planned!

We literally bought out all available space at the Snow Lake Lodge. The Snow Lake Lodge is a large Mount Snow-owned hotel property. It’s a short ride on the free Mount Snow “MOOver” shuttle route and walking distance to the Snow Barn.

You can book a Single room, a Double, Triple or Quad. Most rooms have 2 double beds.The big advantage of a hotel over getting a house (like I used to do in past winters) is that each room is completely private with it’s own bathroom. Just reply to this email and I will send you over more detailed info on the types of rooms and prices for each.
We will, of course, all share and enjoy the common areas of the hotel including it’s bar/restaurant (called Walt’s Pub), indoor and outdoor hot tubs, sauna and other facilities. Each room has a TV and phone, with free WiFi in the common areas.  

We also have a privately chartered ‘party bus’ bus leaving Fridays at 5:30pm from Midtown. Drinks and snacks make the ride go faster 🙂 Plus you can avoid all the hassles of carpooling or the expense of renting a car. 

The bus will leave Mount Snow on Sunday after the slopes close so you have the opportunity for 2 full days of skiing, snowboarding or whatever you plan on doing with your vacation.

Weekend Itinerary:

► Friday night: Welcome reception at the Snow Lake Lodge
► Saturday morning: continental breakfast
► Saturday day: choose from skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, tubing or just hanging out with the group at the base lodge of Mount Snow.
► Saturday late afternoon: Live entertainment and happy hour at Cuzzins
► Saturday night: dinner, pre-party at the hotel and continue the party at the 
Snow Barn. The Snow Barn also offers live music.
► Sunday morning: continental breakfast
► Sunday day: once again, choose your activity.
► Sunday late afternoon: head back home 😦

Prices continue to increase as we sell out the trips. All prices include 2 nights lodging, most meals, some drinks and all the parties. Plus, we locked in group rates on rentals, lift tickets and a whole bunch of other activities.
We spaced the weekends out enough so you can easily join us for both. Plus, we are offering a 10% discount if you book them together!
Please call me at 212-579-4844 to discuss in detail or email david@davidshapiro.net if you just want to review the current price list.
  What is davidshapiro.net?
DavidShapiro.net is the leading social and professional networking company in the New York City area, with over 150,000 members and ten years of experience hosting events and vacations for upscale professionals.
Our social events are geared towards trendy partygoers who know how to enjoy everything Manhattan nightlife has to offer, while our business events are geared towards successful professionals looking to expand their networks.

Our vacations cater to professionals who want to kick back, relax, and have a great time away from their busy lives.

  Did you read this far?
I can track if people open an email and which links they use, but I never know how far they read. Just the intro? A quick glance at the highlights or all the way through. 

I put a lot of effort into trying to keep my emails worthy of your valuable time. If you made it all the way to the bottom, email me back and I’ll buy you a drink at an event in 2014 🙂 
See you soon!

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